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[sticky post] (no subject) [Nov. 17th, 2012|11:33 am]

JUNE 17, 2015. New writing website at moirajmoorewriter.com


no title

Alcina Noatak had grown up knowing she would one day be the High Scribe of Gydnerth, but that day was not supposed to arrive so soon. Responsible for drafting the laws that rule her country, Alcina must navigate intrigue and danger no one could have expected her to anticipate, and one wrong move could blow apart not just her life, but the lives of everyone around her.

Available through smashwords, which can accommodate any e-reader and provide pdf downloads, here https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/586346 and through amazon. I'm providing the US link, but you can get it at any Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Scribe-Shadows-Book-1-ebook/dp/B016V14S6I/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1445342152&sr=8-2&keywords=scribe+in+shadows

Chapter One online: http://moiraj.livejournal.com/391110.html

Chapter Two online: http://moiraj.livejournal.com/391300.html


Catherine is a happy novelist, but a little strapped for cash, so the six-week job at computer software company Create and Conquer is a welcome chance to make some extra money. She meets the CEO, Lance MacCallan, on her very first day. He’s gorgeous, rich, admired by all around him, and a total bully.

But it’s not the attacks on her competence or the threats to fire her that have Catherine rattled. No, it’s when the CEO starts trying to convince her to go out with him that things get really unpleasant.

Available through Smashwords. The book can be downloaded to a variety of e-readers, including kindle, and can be downloaded as a pdf to your computer. $2.99 US. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/537568

Available through Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/CEO-Can-Drop-Dead-Romance-ebook/dp/B00WIV6GE8/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1429882909&sr=1-3&keywords=moira+moore

A portion of the author’s royalties is donated to organisations working with survivors of abuse. Currently, the organisation is the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres. Please follow the link to see the kind of work they do. http://www.sexualassaultsupport.ca/

Shield Dunleavy Mallorough and Source Shintaro Karish have lived in Flown Raven for five years, protecting its residents from natural disasters and enjoying the lack of interference from both the council of the Triple S and the Emperor. When they are unexpectedly summoned to Shidonee’s Gap by the council, Lee and Taro learn that while they have been living at their isolated post, there have been a lot of changes in the world, changes that will drag them into unimaginable duties and unprecedented danger.

E-versions are available through Smashwords and can be downloaded to a variety of e-readers, including kindle, apple i-pad, personal computers, i-phone, sony, kobo, android, and others. If you don't have an e-reader, you can download it as a pdf file. You have the option of getting it for free or paying if you want. If you choose to pay, you can pick any amount you want. It's here:


You can get it on Amazon for anywhere from 80 cents to 99 cents, depending on the day and time. This is the amazon link:


The list of short stories in the Triple S world is here: http://moiraj.livejournal.com/128007.html
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Heroes Short Story Master List [Oct. 22nd, 2020|10:56 am]

I've put most of the stories in a single pdf document. If you'd like a copy, send me an email at moirajmoore@yahoo.com


I'm organizing the stories according to the timeline of the world, not in order of my writing them. The link to the most recently added story with be in bold.


A bit about the world’s history taken out of book one

Matching from Taro’s point of view

Tiny little snippet taken out of book one

Taro, early book one

Taro, early book one

Taro, between book two and three

Taro, book three

Aryne: First Day at the Source Academy (during end of book three)

Aryne: Second Day at the Academy (during the end of book three)

Aryne: Five Weeks at the Academy (during end of book three)

Taro: Early in book five

Triple S council, meeting, near the end of book five

Lee, shortly after book six

Letters to Lee and a story from Tarce's POV, between books six and seven

New One-Off Characters, between books six and seven

New One-Off Characters, between books six and seven (other new characters

Lee, immediately after book six THIS STORY IS NO LONGER CANON COMPLIANT

Willa Newscomb, Lady Green, shortly after book six.

Decisions Part 1, Lee's POV, shortly after book six

Decisions Part 2, Taro's POV, shortly after book six

Letter from Mika to Lee about two years after book six

Roshni Radia, Wind Watcher, 3 years after book six

Another Dinner From Hell - scene cut from Heroes' Reward, Lee's POV
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(no subject) [May. 30th, 2016|03:11 pm]
I would really love to know how I managed to screw up the formatting of my dissertation so badly. I was happily moving along, Times New Roman size 12 as always, and then suddenly size 12 became really tiny, and if I want it to look like the rest of the document, I have to shift it up to size 18, which then screws up the line spacing. I've tried to find out how to fix it online but how do you make a search term out of all that? And it's affected about twenty pages. If I have to retype the whole damn thing to fix this, I'll lose my mind.
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(no subject) [May. 28th, 2016|08:04 pm]
I got an A on my advanced research assignment, which I can ethically - I double-checked - cut and paste into my dissertation. The bit about England was done in February. Between the Canadian and English content, I still didn't have enough to make the minimum word count for my dissertation, so I threw in the States, because I was already aware of some of it and I can get direct access to American statutes and journal articles through the university's legal databases. (America, your use of filial responsibility laws is completely whacked. Sorry, but it's true.) By taking one little extra step, I saved myself from being totally wrong about something. Probably no one would have ever known, I don't imagine my professor knows anything about poverty laws in colonial America, but I'm still glad I caught it. I have been so productive recently that I will have a decent draft for my supervising professor to review before the deadline. That might mean I can visit my parents while my globe-trotting aunt is visiting them. While it's too hot for me, I'm still enjoying my walks because the trees are in full leaf, there are lovely blossoms with beautiful scents about, and I love this city.

To celebrate all of this, I bought a bottle of sparkling wine. Can you tell? Also some apple cinnamon "muffins" from the local bakery, which sells them only on Saturdays. I put "muffins" in quotes because no one even pretends they're healthy and if they had icing they'd be called cupcakes. I discovered the bakery sells Mennonite sausage, which smells like the most amazing bacon ever. I'm tempted to buy some, except the portions are way too big for me.

While my professor has my dissertation, I am going to try to spend every minute working on The Easy Expedition. It's way past time that thing was done.
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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2016|07:13 pm]
I am providing a link to an article that talks about the traps writers often fall into when portraying male characters, traps that feed into patriarchal practices that hurt men as well as women. While the writer is a little free with the "don'ts" I would suggest instead being aware of what you're doing and questioning why you're doing it, I think s/he makes some excellent points. Five Signs Your Story is Sexist --- Against Men http://mythcreants.com/blog/five-signs-your-story-is-sexist-against-men/

The following represents a huge spoiler for Heroes at Odds, the six and final book published by ACE. The truly final one, Heroes' Reward, was self-published by me and I tried to fix what happened in Heroes at Odds to the best of my ability.

In Heroes at Odds, I had Lee's family show up with two members of another family. When Lee was very young, her family and this other merchant family had made a marriage contract involving Lee and the other family's son. Her family considered it dead once she was sent off to Shield school, but the other family, having fallen on hard times, decided to enforce it. Stuff happens and Taro ends up having to perform a bunch of challenges against the other guy to determine who would marry Lee.

Taro was supposed to lose. I thought it would represent a fun twist on the cliche. Lee and Marcus would never have sex, because it was only about the economics and I hate rape, but would come to like and respect each other. The next time Lee and Taro were transferred - I didn't know at the time of writing that this would be the last book ACE would publish - Marcus would go with them as Lee's spouse, and it would be a weird situation. He and Taro would actually end up being good friends. I don't care if that's unlikely. My world, my rules, my psychology, and I really wanted Taro to have a good guy friend. There would be all sorts of misunderstandings. There was also a practical point to it, as her link through Marcus to other trading families was meant to be part of the forces that would eventually support Fiona against Gifford.

The editor nixed it. I wasn't too surprised, I hadn't been sure she would go for it, but the reasons she gave for nixing it stunned me. She didn't say something like it would alienate the readers to have Lee marrying another man. She said losing the challenge would make Taro weak and unworthy of Lee. I was truly shocked. What century was she in? What series had she been editing? Taro was all about setting him up as an alpha-esqish male and tearing all that down. Where had she been all that time?

What made it even worse was that I put the idea of Lee and Taro marrying in her head. Had I known what was going to happen, I never would have used that subplot. After five books of saying they would never get married, I felt compelled to marry them off. A reader emailed me about the contradiction, and I didn't know what to say. Now I'm ok saying that the editor made me do it, but at the time I thought it wouldn't be professional. And maybe it isn't, but I don't care anymore.

All I could do to fix it in the final book was to make sure there was absolutely no reference to them being married.
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(no subject) [May. 14th, 2016|06:34 pm]
So this was cute.

Background: I may have mentioned that some part of me thinks I should be punished and so I've taken to reading Torchwood novels. No, I don't really know why. No, they're not very good. Worst of all, Ianto is always the least mentioned. There was one book in which he was turned into a woman - really - and the story was still rarely from his point of view. He was the only reason I watched the show. Still, I read them. I guess I'm determined to find a good one.

Background: There's a restaurant I go to about once a month. I always go on the same day, around the same time, and sit at the same table, which means I usually have the same waitress. I always bring a book with me, as I'm eating alone, and I guess that stuck in her mind.

Today, as she was printing out the bill, she asked what I was reading. I told her it was a sci-fi novel. She asked me which one. I asked her if she'd ever heard of Torchwood. Her reaction was, "Get out! Really?"

Turns out she's a big fan, and I don't know why that surprised me. I guess because she was so stylish and shame on me for stereotyping. She couldn't get past the third season because Jack was so shattered and he was the one she adored. I said Ianto was my favourite, which she wasn't too enthusiastic about, but I understand the appeal of Jack. I think he's a jerk but I get why others don't. She asked a bit more about the books and I said I got them through the library, and she thanked me for bringing it in. Always nice meet a fellow geek.

On a less pleasant note, it appears my it-ain't-playin'-if-it-ain't-loud music loving neighbour is back. I might have to get those noise cancelling earphones after all.
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2016|09:05 pm]
I wrote a sentence this week. Progress.

I had a root canal today, my first, and it didn't hurt. It wasn't pleasant, but there was no real pain. I bought Tylenol One in anticipation of pain once the freezing wore off, but it has, and still no pain. This blows my mind. I want to recommend this guy to anyone who needs root canals. He was very patient, told me what he was doing at each stage, and told me he would stop whenever I needed him to. Some discomfort when he was injecting the freezing, but I only really winced when he used a particularly high-pitched drill. He stopped and asked if I was all right and I just gestured at my ear, and he said something like "Oh, yeah, that gets people that way sometimes."

Also, he talked how they're trying to design robots to be dentists, an idea that doesn't thrill me, and that there's some stem cell research dedicated to recreated people's teeth.

I am unable to go to Ottawa Comiccon this year, and it's kind of disappointing - I was there for the first one - but none of the guests are anyone I care about seeing. I like good story tellers, I don't care if they were in two episodes of a show in the 60's or in the hottest new thing, I just care about whether they can tell a good story. Still, no one that really draws me. If Sir Patrick Stewart were going to attend, missing the convention would hurt a lot more.

I am reading journal articles for my dissertation and some of them have wrong information. As in, "This law was first enacted in 1771" and I have a copy of the law from 1705 in my hand. Or "There haven't been any cases in this area since X" and I've got those cases on my table. So how can I trust the rest of what those particular articles say?
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Team Canada - Ice in our Veins Being Patriotic [Apr. 28th, 2016|09:03 pm]
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(no subject) [Apr. 25th, 2016|06:39 pm]
As the review I posted a few days ago said, the main character of Scribe in Shadows is dealing with depression. She hasn't just been struck with it, she is managing it after having it for ten years. It was my intention to show a character whose mental illness was "boring" compared to what is often portrayed on tv and in movies, with no breaks from reality or behaviour that appears erratic to others. She has symptoms, but they're the sort that she can keep private.

The other part of this story is that I hired the same independent editor for Heroes' Reward as I did for Scribe in Shadows.

In Heroes' Reward, sometimes Lee got angry and expressed it. In Scribe in Shadows, sometimes Alcina got angry and expressed it. When Lee got angry, she was just angry. When Alcina got angry, the editor informed me I should show her starting to lose control earlier in the scene. Alcina wasn't losing control, she was dealing with a jerk and pissed off with them, and she wasn't screaming or shaking her fists. She would never do that in general, and certainly not in the circumstances she was in at the time. The editor just assumed I intended to portray the character as behaving erratically and was doing a bad job of it.

Also, at one point in the book the editor recommended I have the ghost of her mother show up in a hallucination - there are no ghosts in this world. She had never suggested any kind of break with reality for Lee.

Even fictional characters are treated differently when they have a mental illness.
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Good Means Slightly Less Stressed [Apr. 20th, 2016|09:06 pm]
The assignment I'm doing about the TWU cases turned out to be huge, and nothing I can put together in the required hours. So I'll be doing more than the required hours because I can't leave a job half done. But here's the killer. A case took place in British Columbia, and Nova Scotia. Aside from the two parties, TWU and the various law societies, there were interenvors. The shortest number of intervenors in a particular case was nine. So once I hunted down those intervenors and their submissions, as no one site has all of the links for the submission, I found myself with another the huge job of reading them in order to tell the professor what she should bother reading.

And then all three decisions were appealed. The list of intervenors are even longer for the appeals. I don't know how I'll be able to read those and then put a decent organized summarized.

It is interesting reading. Most of the intervenors support TWU, very few support the law societies. I find that interesting. I find the arguments interesting. My particular favourite is the guy claiming that corporations have Charter rights, particular freedom of religion. Ha ha ha! Wrong country.

What's better, I've gotten some work on the book tonight.
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