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[sticky post] Books Entry [Nov. 17th, 2012|11:33 am]

November 23, 2016

Warning, this book came from rage, so anvilicious you should probably wear a hard hat. Please take advantage of the ability to read the first few chapters before buying.

The war between Aldance and Amnisa has been dragging on for three years, and it is past time Aldance put a stop to it. The Aldench have their chance when they learn that the secret to the Amnisans' endurance is their bokra grounds, a rare soil that enhances the health of soldiers, crops, and livestock. Knowing that stealing these grounds will crush the will of the enemy, the military picks a team to perform that task. Edana Carver, charismatic and brash, has never led an expedition before, but such a simple assignment is the perfect opportunity for her to gain some experience. Manis il Havoc, with the ability to crack locks and get into places she shouldn’t be, is bitter over her recent demotion, but no one doubts her intelligence. Damohn Niles, young and pretty, is a talented medic with something to prove. Frayne, the foreigner, is a wonder on the battlefield and a little too secretive. Together, they were more than capable of striking deep into the heart of Amnisa, taking what they wanted, and destroying anything that got in their way.

Available through all amazons, Barnes&Noble, ibooks, Kobo, and other e-reading companies. Also available at smashwords through all e-readers: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/684224

October 20, 2015

no title

Alcina Noatak had grown up knowing she would one day be the High Scribe of Gydnerth, but that day was not supposed to arrive so soon. Responsible for drafting the laws that rule her country, Alcina must navigate intrigue and danger no one could have expected her to anticipate, and one wrong move could blow apart not just her life, but the lives of everyone around her.

Available through smashwords, which can accommodate any e-reader and provide pdf downloads, here https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/586346 and through amazon. I'm providing the US link, but you can get it at any Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Scribe-Shadows-Book-1-ebook/dp/B016V14S6I/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1445342152&sr=8-2&keywords=scribe+in+shadows

Chapter One online: http://moiraj.livejournal.com/391110.html

Chapter Two online: http://moiraj.livejournal.com/391300.html


Catherine is a happy novelist, but a little strapped for cash, so the six-week job at computer software company Create and Conquer is a welcome chance to make some extra money. She meets the CEO, Lance MacCallan, on her very first day. He’s gorgeous, rich, admired by all around him, and a total bully.

But it’s not the attacks on her competence or the threats to fire her that have Catherine rattled. No, it’s when the CEO starts trying to convince her to go out with him that things get really unpleasant.

Available through Smashwords. The book can be downloaded to a variety of e-readers, including kindle, and can be downloaded as a pdf to your computer. $2.99 US. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/537568

Available through Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/CEO-Can-Drop-Dead-Romance-ebook/dp/B00WIV6GE8/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1429882909&sr=1-3&keywords=moira+moore

A portion of the author’s royalties is donated to organisations working with survivors of abuse. Currently, the organisation is the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres. Please follow the link to see the kind of work they do. http://www.sexualassaultsupport.ca/

Shield Dunleavy Mallorough and Source Shintaro Karish have lived in Flown Raven for five years, protecting its residents from natural disasters and enjoying the lack of interference from both the council of the Triple S and the Emperor. When they are unexpectedly summoned to Shidonee’s Gap by the council, Lee and Taro learn that while they have been living at their isolated post, there have been a lot of changes in the world, changes that will drag them into unimaginable duties and unprecedented danger.

E-versions are available through Smashwords and can be downloaded to a variety of e-readers, including kindle, apple i-pad, personal computers, i-phone, sony, kobo, android, and others. If you don't have an e-reader, you can download it as a pdf file. You have the option of getting it for free or paying if you want. If you choose to pay, you can pick any amount you want. It's here:


You can get it on Amazon for anywhere from 80 cents to 99 cents, depending on the day and time. This is the amazon link:


The list of short stories in the Triple S world is here: http://moiraj.livejournal.com/128007.html
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Heroes Short Story Master List [Oct. 22nd, 2020|10:56 am]

I've put most of the stories in a single pdf document. If you'd like a copy, send me an email at moirajmoore@yahoo.com


I'm organizing the stories according to the timeline of the world, not in order of my writing them. The link to the most recently added story with be in bold.


A bit about the world’s history taken out of book one

Matching from Taro’s point of view

Tiny little snippet taken out of book one

Taro, early book one

Taro, early book one

Taro, between book two and three

Taro, book three

Aryne: First Day at the Source Academy (during end of book three)

Aryne: Second Day at the Academy (during the end of book three)

Aryne: Five Weeks at the Academy (during end of book three)

Taro: Early in book five

Triple S council, meeting, near the end of book five

Lee, shortly after book six

Letters to Lee and a story from Tarce's POV, between books six and seven

New One-Off Characters, between books six and seven

New One-Off Characters, between books six and seven (other new characters

Lee, immediately after book six THIS STORY IS NO LONGER CANON COMPLIANT

Willa Newscomb, Lady Green, shortly after book six.

Decisions Part 1, Lee's POV, shortly after book six

Decisions Part 2, Taro's POV, shortly after book six

Letter from Mika to Lee about two years after book six

Roshni Radia, Wind Watcher, 3 years after book six

Another Dinner From Hell - scene cut from Heroes' Reward, Lee's POV
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Ark Encounter Update [Jul. 21st, 2017|05:09 pm]
To review, the Ark Encounter is a building that is shaped like a boat on one side, said to be built to the specifications in the Bible, though that's impossible due to the half a building bit. It is in Kentucky, and the company that built it, Answers in Genesis, owned by Ken Ham, got a ton of tax breaks, and a bunch of land for $1, from the nearby county. The county is really strapped for cash and made the mistake of believing Ham when he promised that the ark would revitalize the community, increasing tourism and bringing tens of thousands of jobs.

That hasn't happened. The attendance at the ark is hard to determine, largely because Ham keeps moving the goal posts and doesn't provide any evidence of his claims. For example, he says that close to 10,000 people a day visit the ark. While I've read reviews that say the ark is crowded, there's no photographic evidence. The photos and videos that are online show a place that's kind of dead. Also, 10,000 people a day for a year would be 3,650,000 people. But then, sometimes he says it's more like 8,000, and then sometimes he points out that attendance was slower during the winter months, which is natural, except during the winter months he kept talking about the amazing attendance. So he's all over the place.

The ark says it employs 900 people, which I have a hard time believing, but even if that's true, it falls far, far short of promises, and anyone who isn't a young earth creationist need not apply. Whatever the attendance at the ark, those who visit are not stopping by the local businesses.

Going back to the attendance, Ham initially claimed 2 million would visit the first year. Then he said from 1.4 m to 2 m, which is one hell of a lot of wiggle room. When the first anniversary came into view, and it looked like it would be only about 1 m, he started saying that the 1.4 - 2m estimate was for a normal year, without defining what normal means or why this past year isn't normal.

Within two weeks he went from claiming that attendance was higher than expected and was bringing business to the nearby community to blaming atheists and secular news for dissuading businesses from investing in the area to blaming the nearby town for not building the infrastructure needed to make the ark, and then the county, successful.

The next bit is vicious. The county created a tax to help pay for safety services. The tax on the ark would be 50 cents per $28/$40 ticket. Ham has gone to court to stop this taxation, claiming that the ark is a ministry. Except the ark is a for profit enterprise. So then, the for-profit part of the company sold the property to a not-for profit part of the company, just to avoid this tax. For $10.

How much of a scumbag is this guy? The county was incredibly generous to him, he knows they're barely hanging on, but he pulls an unethical stunt like this to avoid a tax that would provide services his ark would benefit from. Unless he's ok with the fire department watching his boat burn down because he hadn't paid for their protection.

But joy of joys, the state has declared that by selling the property to himself - really - he breached one of the agreements, and the result could be that the company would lose a tax incentive of $18 m. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving scum bag.

Side note, Ham really hates it that the rainbow is associated with the inclusion of the LGBTQA community and love and peace and all that. He's going to have the ark lit up with a rainbow every night to take back the rainbow from, you know, everyone who's a decent human being, to celebrate genocide.
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Political Stuff [Jun. 26th, 2017|09:03 pm]
I'm not liberal, I am left of liberal, unless that farther left party implodes. The last provincial election was the first I'd ever voted in, which is shameful, but whatever. Some year I might actually vote for a mayor. Anyway, during the last election, I hadn't known what was going on at the provincial level, and I decided to do some research. I had been vaguely aware that the liberals had made a mess, but had just gotten new leadership. I didn't know how similar, if at all, the provincial parties were to their national counterparts, and I was prepared to do some research. What had me voting liberal was a ridiculous document released by the conservatives about how they were going to create a million jobs, founded on inept math - more like 400,000 jobs, and only if no one got a raise in eight years, and even that was highly speculative - lies, some meaningless promises, and the old conservative standby, the way to a strong economy is austerity combined with lower corporate taxes and less regulation.

Anyone tries to claim that lowering corporate taxes and cutting back regulations benefits anyone but big business owners and I'm out of there.

Plus the conservative leader looked kinda psycho.

So I voted liberal.

They've been a mess, and the conservatives have chosen a new leader, so I took a gander at his website. This is what is under the party's goals and principles, in quotes, with my thoughts following.


The following are the aims and principles of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party:

(a) We believe in freedom of speech, worship and assembly, in loyalty to Canada and to the Monarch of Canada and in the rule of law."

There are a bunch of freedoms listed in the Charter of Rights and Freedom, and I think the fact that they pledge support for only these three is significant. I believe in freedom of speech, but that freedom has, like every other right, limits. It has been my experience that the people who scream the loudest about their freedom of speech are those who want to spew the most horrific vicious crap about people not like them, without consequences. We don't have freedom of worship, but freedom of religion, which is a slightly different thing, and I'm not thrilled to have religion promoted over other rights, like equality, in the principles of a political party.

Loyalty to Canada? Who doesn't have that as a principle? WTF?

Loyalty to the Monarch is code for favouring "old stock" Canadians, which, according to the lack of knowledge held by many, means white Canadians of British background, though white Europeans from other countries are ok, too.

We all believe in the rule of law, too, but there is something threatening about the way the term is used here. Like they believe people who smoke grass should spend ten years in jail.

"(b) We believe that government should serve the people and that progress requires a competitive economy, which, accepting its social responsibilities, allows every individual freedom of opportunity and initiative and the peaceful enjoyment of the fruits of his or her own labour."

This is quite the word salad. I propose that pushing these two ideas together, government serving the people and a free market is best with the peaceful enjoyment of the fruits of his or her own labour, means that they think the government should let the business sector run free with little taxation. The "accepting its social responsibilities" is meaningless.

"(c) We believe in the ethical and accountable execution of the business of government."

Good for you. So does everyone. Until they get elected.

"(d) We believe that the interests of Ontario are best served by a strong, united and democratic Canada."

Recently, "united Canada" has been code for pushing back against multiculturalism.

"(e) We believe that economic freedom, entrepreneurial spirit and the right to private property are essential to economic prosperity and political freedom."

Free market good, regulation and socialism bad. In case you didn't get it the first time.

"(f) We believe in the values of the family which encourage tolerance and mutual support."

They don't flat out use the exact term "family values" because they know that, in Canada, such rhetoric has come to mean demeaning anyone who isn't part of a white, heterosexual family. It's anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-sex education. And it's really best if mom stayed home and take care of the kids. But that's what this principle means.

"(g) We believe that social justice entails equality of opportunity, including fair and equal treatment for all Ontarians and the provision of support to those in need."

This sounds good, but I've noticed that the conservative definitions of "fair" and "in need" are different from mine.

"(h) We believe in and accept our responsibilities for the preservation of Ontario's heritage and cultural diversity and the conservation and renewal of our environment for present and future generations."

Another example of taking two different ideas and shoving them into the same item. The bit about Ontario's heritage - which means the good old ways - is in direct conflict with cultural diversity. The conservation and renewal of the environment sounds great. If it's sincere. The liberal party has completely fallen down in this area.

Anyway, skeezy. Unless there are some significant changes, I don't think I'll be voting conservative. That doesn't mean I'll be voting liberal. They've seriously screwed up. I'll have to see what the NDP will be doing. That bit about imploding, that was what they did last time.
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Another strike of the sleeping pills! [Jun. 9th, 2017|03:18 pm]
I have mentioned before that after I take my sleeping pills, but before I fall asleep, I sometimes do things that I don't remember the next day. This has included eating, making phone calls, ordering a book off Amazon, and buying a place in a convention in another city. Last night involved posting on my blog that I had an excellent new idea for the book I'm currently writing. I remember neither the blog nor the idea.
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Writing is Fun! [Jun. 7th, 2017|09:29 pm]
I know I was losing motivation for my detective/sci-fy/urban fantasy thing, but I've gotten a second wind, and a new great idea that just hit me, and will result in a great new plot that will ultimately prove something I can't tell you about. There's much I can say now, but the sleeping pills have kicked in.
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Weekend [Jun. 4th, 2017|05:56 pm]
Today was the second day of a book convention geared to genre fiction. Yesterday was great. I chose the panels instead of the readings and workshops because I find writers are often tell great stories, vocally. Much fun was had with the discussion involving Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. Everyone on the panels thought fanfiction was great.

Today was not so good. Due to stuff going on this past week, I could barely drag myself out of bed. I skipped the morning program, which I wasn't really interested in, and went to two workshops in the afternoon. The first, about writing urban fantasy, was interesting and revealed a HORRIBLE MISTAKE in my detective/urban fantasy/sci-fi thing. A really big problem that will require a tonne of research and significant rewrites. If I hadn't caught it and self-published the book, it would have been awful.

So that was good, but the second panel was supposed to be about how to build a back-story for your characters. That's what it was called. What it really was about was how to demonstrate the nature of your character through use of objects, vocabulary, setting, etc. Good stuff but not why I was there, and it involved exercises in which you had to create characters on the spot and write a scene for them. I HATE THAT. I don't need to dream up characters on the spot when I write, I don't dream up anything on the spot. If I'd known what the workshop was about, I wouldn't have gone, and since there were only two of us there, I couldn't sneak out.

But all in all, a good time, and I'll be going next year.
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Stuff [May. 28th, 2017|04:31 pm]
It is bizarre to see articles about Canadian politics in foreign media. The Conservatives just picked a new leader for their party. He won't even have a chance at becoming prime minister until 2019, which means he's totally irrelevant to anyone outside of Canada. Why in the world do they care? Why do they think their readers will care?

Also, 45 just called Justin Trudeau "Justin from Canada," and I think that's hilarious.

Writing fiction has taken a backseat to other stuff I'm doing, and I've never fallen in love with the protagonist of the detective/sci-fi/urban fantasy thing. Anyone who has read all of my books knows my main characters tend to be dumped in situations they aren't really ready for. I wanted this one to be really experienced in her role. She's dealing with a unique situation, but she's comfortable and confident enough to just roll with things. But she's just not resonating with me.

The city I'm living in is beautiful this time of year. Lots of trees in bloom and warm enough without being unpleasantly humid. I love this city.
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Minor Triumphs [May. 10th, 2017|02:29 pm]
My dissertation for my master's degree has been read by eight people. It's not a topic of great interest, so the fact that anyone is reading it is a shock. The weird thing is that all of the readers are American. The dissertation does compare a particular area of law in Canada and the US - my supervisor knew that I added the American angle because the Canadian material didn't give me enough to meet the word count requirement, but the people who examined me didn't - but it's pretty clear it was written by a Canadian. So the interest from Americans is baffling.
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(no subject) [May. 6th, 2017|11:48 am]
I love the city I'm living in, and for a small city it has a lot of big city benefits without the disadvantages - no gridlock! - but it doesn't have a lot of events that I'm interested in. For example, I'm interested in book conventions, but most involve depressing "literature" and depressing non-fiction, neither of which I'm interested in.

So I'm delighted that the book convention for genre fiction has grown so much from it's first event last year that they're cutting off applications for authors to appear on panels. They simply don't have the room to accommodate more panels. And the space they're in is considerably larger than the space they'd used last year. I like listening to authors from every genre, even the genres I don't read, and the workshops are really helpful for the stuff I like to write, again, no matter what the genre the instructor favours.

And it's a much better deal, financially. The cost of a two-day ticket is lower than most of the single events at the literary event. I don't know if the literary convention pays the writers - the genre convention doesn't - but the prohibitive prices would bar a lot of people from attending. I'm wondering if that's on purpose.
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