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[Mar. 25th, 2014|07:44 pm]
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Can it be possible to do the thing you love too much? I was utterly uninterested in writing today. Actually, I was pretty hostile about the idea. So I did my taxes instead.

[User Picture]From: thewayne
2014-03-26 01:51 pm (UTC)


Fortunately a friend of mine is an accountant, she does my dad's, my aunt's, and mine and my wife's taxes. Hopefully she'll be done soon. Next year is going to hurt: we have to cash out my wife's inheritance.
[User Picture]From: moiraj
2014-03-29 02:11 pm (UTC)


I've being trying to think of a decent way to respond to this as it's just bad news, but I've failed. I hope it either doesn't turn out as badly as you fear or something good happens to balance it.
[User Picture]From: thewayne
2014-03-29 03:40 pm (UTC)


Well, usually when you cash out an inheritance down here, the broker automatically withholds about a third of it for the Infernal Revenue Service. You get a form from them at the end of the year, so when you file your taxes it shows both the additional income and the additional withholding. Usually you actually get more back because that third is frequently over-withheld.

Shouldn't be too bad, and my accountant will be happy because she hates those forms and next year will probably be the last time she deals with them.