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Citadel Update - The Glen Beck Interview - Edited to fix a sort of mistake

Kerodin has put a link to the first fourteen minutes of the interview on his blog, as have a few of his supporters.

Unfortunately, the interview wasn't hilarious. It was, in fact, very bland. Boring, really. None of those being interviewed, Kerodin and his wife, Miller, and a couple I don't know, had the slightest amount of charisma. I have a hard time believing they could convince anyone to do anything, and certainly not something as drastic as dropping their whole lives to live in a crazy walled city. They had no passion at all. This is supposed to be of primary importance to them, isn't it? You wouldn't know it by looking at them. They didn't look nervous, either. They just seemed kind of disinterested.

Beck looked like he hadn't prepared ahead of time, like he was making up questions on the fly. Maybe that's why he introduced Kerodin as Chris Kerodin instead of Sam Kerodin. Kerodin's first name was Christian before he legally changed it.

Kerodin or the other guy - they look very alike - was talking about creating an open city, and Beck pointed out that this might be considered a contradiction with the plan of creating a walled city with a gate that could be closed. This wasn't addressed, Kerodin or the other guy going off on a tangent. No discussion about the fact that they wanted people to pay if they wanted to enter the city.

Beck points out that religion doesn't seem to be important, and he seems distressed by this, saying god is the only reason the American Revolution was changed from a French Revolution to the American Revolution. I don't know much about that event. Can anyone who does explain to me how that worked? Kerodin says religion isn't anyone else's business, which is the only thing decent about the plan, if that's how it will actually work.

Beck asked twice who was going to be in charge of the city, and both times Kerodin didn't answer that question, just choosing a different subject and going on about that.

At the end of the fourteen minute installment, Beck said that when they came back after the break, they would discuss Kerodin's past, and wouldn't you know it, there's no link provided for that segment. Miller says this on his blog:

Things were said off camera after the interview that are not for public consumption. I will not sully our perceived trust by detailing them in a public forum.

No, that doesn't look dodgy at all.

Guys, if you think this will grab national and possibly international interest, well, good luck with that. The only reason I didn't ditch after the first few minutes was that I was hoping to be entertained.

ETA There is an additional four minute video. Beck mentions that some people think this is a scam, and Kerodin says that they do, because of his background, and then moves on. Doesn't say what his background is. Beck asks where the $208 application fee goes. Kerodin talks about the gun company. Beck asks if that's where the money is going. Miller says no, his retirement fund is supporting that, then talks about how events in December have been making gun parts difficult to get. Then Kerodin said they wrote online that they would need a few thousand dollars just to see if they could even start this kind of project, and that 50 patriots sent money. The application on the Citadel site does not say this. It says the $208 goes to getting a place in the Citadel. That application page doesn't mention the money going to anything else.

Kerodin goes back to the scam aspect and claims that there hasn't been anyone complaining and nothing from the federal government suggesting they're doing something wrong.

Beck says, "But you haven't delivered anything yet."

Kerodin says they have a timeline.

Beck asks what the timeline is.

Miller says he's waiting for more parts for the guns - Because if guns don't have all of the parts, they don't work! - and expects he'll be providing the guns in July.

It's just another four minutes of evasions and excuses. And it's plain to see, from both videos, that Beck has no respect for this idea or the people pushing it at all.

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