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Writing [Feb. 15th, 2017|09:14 pm]
By the end of the heroes series, I was kind of burnt out with the idea of romance plots. Part of it was because I was required to give the romantic plot more prominence in the sixth book, and that's probably why I gave so little attention to the romantic aspect of the Lee/Taro relationship in the seventh book.

But also it just feels like there is always a romantic relationship shoe-horned into every story. I was reading a mystery where the male cop got a female partner, and I was thinking, ugh, another romance, but then they didn't sleep together and I was happy. Then they did sleep together and I wasn't, especially as the sex ruined everything, which is probably realistic, but I loved their platonic relationship. It seemed a waste.

Watching Downton Abbey, I was worried that once Tom and Mary lost their spouses and developed a close relationship, they would be matched up. I was relieved they didn't, and loved their platonic relationship.

I hated the romantic plot in A Knight's Tale. It didn't even make sense. Jasmine spent all that time talking about how she wanted a man who spoke to her instead of caring only about her beauty, but almost all of her conversations with Will were about her looks. I loved the other characters and their relationships and didn't think the romance plot was necessary.

I'm not saying romance isn't a valuable, worthwhile subject, just that I don't think it needs to be everywhere. I'd like to see more friendships that are the most important relationships in the characters' lives. More band of brothers stories where the sexes are mixed, and not just one female character who is pining after the guy in charge. A gay character with a straight character and neither one tries to "convert" the other.

So my last three books don't have any romance in them. It wasn't like I'd banned romance, just that I didn't feel like putting any in the books. But in Ottawa 2027, I've thought of introducing one. I had an idea that would make it fun. I don't know if it'll make it through the first draft. I guess I've found enough books and shows that don't have romance that I've cleansed my palate.

When I was younger, if the story didn't have romance, I wouldn't read it. There was a book written by a writer I enjoyed, but I didn't like it because of the lack of romance. I recently picked it up again, thinking I'd like it better this time around. No. Still boring.