moirajmoore (moiraj) wrote,

Writing convention

This weekend was fantastic. I live in a nice city that I love, but there isn't a lot of resources for a geek, so the annual genre book expo is one of my favourite events of the year. It's great to be around people who love the kind of books I do, or at least aren't all caught up in the kind of books I can't stand. (Literature.)

It was also really helpful for my book, partially because my brain was revving in a way it isn't usually inspired to do. I realized I started my book in the wrong place in the story, and the new beginning will be much better. I have to add a coroner. A concern of mine is trying to portray the police department in a realistic way, so it was a relief to hear one writer refer to his books as "police non-procedurals" - the characters are cops who behave in ways no real cop would - and another talk about having friends who were cops and instructed her, but who hand-waved some inaccuracies because that's how it's always done on tv.

A coroner said that if you have pets and you die and no one notices for a while, dogs are more likely to eat you than cats. When cats do eat you, it's usually just the eyes.

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