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The War of 1812 is Trending Today

So this is stupid, but I think it's fascinating.

Apparently, on May 25, there was a phone call between Trudeau and Trump during which Trudeau asked how Canada could possibly be considered a security threat, and Trump said, "Didn't you guys burn down the White House?"

To be honest, if this were in different circumstances, without the damage that a trade war will cause, and if Trump were witty, I'd find this hilarious. But this is a tense time, people will be hurt, and because Trump doesn't have a drop of wit in him, it matters that he thinks the War of 1812 has some relevance to the tariffs now.

People are bashing Trump for thinking it was the Canadians who burned down the White House, when in fact Canada as a country didn't exist at the time, and it was the British who did the deed. I don't criticize him for that, because there are Canadians who think we burned down the WH, there is even a wildly inaccurate song about it. Though I suspect the American education system refers to the concept of Canada only as the land on which most of the battles were fought, not the people living on it. I wish Canadians, or the proto-Canadians, had done it, it would have been epic, but wishing doesn't change facts.

Now we've got people asking whether it was a joke or not. I'm thinking, not.

We've got Canadians bragging about how "we" kicked American ass, which I hate, because bragging is so immature, and the ass-kicking was primarily done by the Brits, with settlers and Indigenous warriors participating.

We've got people confusing burning down the WH, which we didn't do, with fighting at all, which we did.

We've got people saying, "Actually," the burning down of Washington was in retaliation for the Americans burning down Toronto, which is true, but no one cares.

We've got Americans bragging about stomping the Brits and that the Brits still aren't over it, when in fact the Brits don't even know they were involved in a war in North America in 1812, it mattered so little to them at that time that they don't learn about it in school.

And we've got Americans saying, "Why the hell are we talking about this when this, and this, and this other far more important stuff is going on?" which I can't fault them for.

And I'm sure the Brits have no clue, and why would they? They threw off any responsibility for Canadian-American spats 150 years ago.

I shouldn't find it all entertaining, but I do.

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